Bi-polar is very two edged. I feel like people with bi-polar are their own very special breed that will never go extinct. We all have more than one side to our personality. I have about 6 and it seems to change depending on who I’m around. Typically we have our ‘good’ side and our ‘bad’ side. Everyone has a bad side but ours can sneak up and bite cha. It’s really hard for us to hide our very intense emotions. It always shows in our voice, facial expression, and body language. We are misunderstood by so many. Unless you are bi-polar you couldn’t imagine what it’s like to live with our brains. I have day dreamed about what it would be like to have a healthy brain. I would give up a lot to have a healthy brain.

It’s whatever if someone we don’t care about doesn’t understand, but it’s really hard when someone you care about doesn’t understand. They say things like “Have you taken your medication? Get up and do something. Just snap out of it. It’s the devil taking over. You need God in your life. Control yourself. Stop and think… etc”. Those are not the things you should say to someone with bi-polar. We cannot help what we think or how we feel at the moment. It takes a lot of effort to not let your thoughts take over your body. I know going to church is helpful, I know staying busy is helpful, getting out of the house is helpful… but sometimes our depression is so bad it takes everything we have to just stay alive. When someone tells you to snap out of it or do this or that… it’s like telling someone to walk without legs.

Despite all of the negative stigma… I think the worse part of all of this is how bad you hurt the ones you love the most with your actions, words, and tone of voice. My granny is the most important person to me and I have been so mean to her in the past. I am so thankful that she understands me and just over looks me.

We are very sensitive creatures who need more love and understanding than most. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and love like no other. We are very intelligent, strong, and loyal. We would give you the shirts off our back and we fight for what we believe in.

I am not trying to make anyone feel sorry for us. I am just trying to help you understand what it’s like to be us. Bi-polar is really what you make it. It can control you or rob you of a lot of things if you let it. Or you can fight to win the battle instead of letting it take over your life or define you. Learn about your illness, find a really good doctor and therapist, stay away from drugs, and limit alcohol. Follow a healthy diet (Mediterranean diet) and exercise. Take your medication and keep a journal. Analyze your body every day and take notes to give your doctor. Don’t give up. It took me 9 years to find the right medication. FIGHT! Don’t give up! Don’t let bi-polar rob you of intimate relationships, love, and happiness like I have. It’s very lonely.

My blog is my online journal. I talk about my day to day life and expose what I go through every day. It’s been a lot better over the last 6 weeks but before that I was living in pure hell. I am hoping that I am close to winning the battle with bi-polar. I know it will never go away and I will never be fully in charge, but finding what works for me is the best thing I can do. When I was younger I was mostly manic but now I experience more depression. I put in a lot of work to do things that lessen the intensity of my depression and limit how often I cycle. I am a rapid cycler so small changes really help. I hope this blog reaches the right people. I seriously have a story to tell and I really think I could change lives with my words. I am doing very well right now but I have been to hell and back. I was living in hell for the past 3 years.


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Published by lostinmyhead07

I'm an Engineer who has a severe case of bipolar 1. I'm just trying to stay in control and win this battle with bi polar.

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  1. Keep believing in yourself !! You are strong, stronger than you think you are, take care of yourself ❤️🙏😁


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