8/30/2018 @ 11:22am

I didn’t have to work today…

I am sitting on the porch enjoying the cooler air and the sounds of cars riding by, birds chirping, the sounds of insects, and dogs barking.

I feel a little anxious and I am depressed today. I haven’t exercised in two days-its easier said than done. Abilify helps a lot but makes me feel tired a lot. I feel like my life isn’t completely where it needs to be and I think of all the changes I need to make and the things I need to do. It’s a little overwhelming… I am going to make a list so I can check things off every time I complete something. All the changes I need to make will not happen over night so I am going to take it day by day.

Yesterday was an okay day. I felt pretty good but I was tired all day but restless at the same time. All medication has side effects. The positive changes in my mood and mental state out weigh the negative side effects of the medication. It’s nice to not be consumed with racing thoughts-I was crippled by racing thoughts for 3 years. I was literally stuck in my head everyday all day. I could sit in one spot and listen to my thoughts for hours without moving. Now I actually want to do something and I am able to enjoy things around me. It’s really hard to explain how racing thoughts can distract you so bad that you can’t have a conversation with someone or even watch TV. Life is Sooo much better now. I thank God every day.

To do list for today: clean my granny’s house, clean my house & do laundry, finish weedeating, and read with my little cousin

Have a great day everyone!

#mentalhealth, #bipolar

Published by lostinmyhead07

I'm an Engineer who has a severe case of bipolar 1. I'm just trying to stay in control and win this battle with bi polar.

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