8/31/2019 @ 2:35pm

Someone’s blog really got me thinking and analyzing. I know my racing thoughts are 100% better but I can tell something is still wrong.

Unlike when I would sit around and just think…. I actually do want to do stuff but I don’t finish the tasks that i start doing. I don’t know if it’s a side effect of being depressed or being in a mixed state.

Or it might be because I got out of the habit of doing everything I need to do. Everything is about habit. Stopping bad habits and starting good habits. You can stop a bad habit by starting a good one in it’s place… But like anything…. It takes time.

My depression is a lot better when I exercise… My depression goes back to normal if I get out of the habit of working out.

But my main concern is not finishing what I sart. Is something wrong with me or could I just be lazy bc I was lazy for so long.

I feel like analyzing yourself occasionally is very important to your recovery. It’s the only way you can give proper feed back to your doctor. It’s also important to ask a loved one to analyze you too… We don’t know what it’s like being an outsider looking in. You could miss something

For now I am going to keep moving. I have a doctor’s appointment on September 10th. I’m just going to keep notes and talk to him about it..

I know I write these blogs like I’m talking to someone that doesn’t know how to cope with their illness. No offence to the ones who lives successful lives and know what works for them. I know you already know this stuff. I’m just preaching what I’ve learned about dealing in the past 9 years. Not to mention including everything my doctor has taught me. Hopefully I’ll reach someone that doesn’t know how to cope.

I didn’t finish my to do list I wrote yesterday… It was too much anyway. I will have plenty of time to finish in the next 3 days. No worries.


Published by lostinmyhead07

I'm an Engineer who has a severe case of bipolar 1. I'm just trying to stay in control and win this battle with bi polar.

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      1. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a specific type of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy developed in the late 1980s by psychologist Marsha M. Linehan to help better treat borderline personality disorder. Since its development, it has also been used for the treatment of other kinds of mental health disorders.


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