8/26/2019 @ 7:45pm


I was having a pretty good day until about 4pm and everything went down hill. I already told you that I am an engineer and have a hard time keeping a job. Someone on my team said something that has really got to me. I am currently a contractor at the company I work for. This is my absolute last chance to break into the engineering field and after today… I am going to fall.. Fast…

So there is the guy who works on my team. He is super smart, liked by everyone, and he has worked there for almost 4 years. He does not have a engineering degree but after 4 years of engineering assistant experience he will have a chance to obtain an engineering position. He has so much experience that my degree means nothing compared to him. Not to mention I am antisocial and I don’t have a relationship with anyone. The only person I use to be close with doesn’t like me anymore because I gave her the cold shoulder after she left me at lunch with this guy I am talking about. Anyway… This guy is also going to go back to school and will graduate in May with an associate’s in science degree. So next year if a position open he will totally get it before I would. Well today… Our senior engineer said something that I heard-which I normally wouldn’t bc I always have my head phones on. This guy was telling him that he will graduate in May with a blah blah degree and very low my senior says but you still won’t be like Stephanie. I have gotten an attitude with almost everyone on my team. My mood fluctuates, I am loud, I’m a loner, and my English is terrible. No one would want anyone to be like me. It really hurts my feelings and makes me want to withdrawl from everyone. It really hurts my feelings. It really does. No one likes me and they make fun of me behind my back. I hate my life.

Published by lostinmyhead07

I'm an Engineer who has a severe case of bipolar 1. I'm just trying to stay in control and win this battle with bi polar.

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