How to deal with depression…

This is complicated because everyone struggles with their own kind of depression. I am going to speak for people struggling with bipolar 1 or 2. Depression is chronic for those who suffer from Bipolar. No matter what medication you take, you know that it will sneak up and bite you sooner or later. The time between each depressive phase is different for everyone. The length of time your depressive phase last is also different for everyone. You may not be able to completely stop from eventually becoming depressed but you can definitely control how you will handle your depressive phase. You can either do things to make it worse, like drinking alcohol and doings drugs. Or you can do things that make it better, like exercising and finding activities that you can do to get your mind off of all the negative things you are thinking about. You will be surprised, walking 30 minutes every other day is enough to really make you feel good. When I don’t work out I noticed that I am depressed more frequently. I also like following the Mediterranean diet. You don’t have to follow it perfectly but the smallest changes can really help.

You really have to analyze your thoughts and detect it when it starts to come along. If you have to make signs/pictures all around your house to remind yourself that this won’t last forever, then do it. Try to find activities that will distract your mind. Separate yourself from negative vibes. Make small to do list for everyday, and cross the tasks out each time you accomplish one. You will be surprised how good it feels to accomplish what you wanted to in one day while your depressed. Keep a journal and write down all of your thoughts. Talk to a loved one about the bad things you are thinking about. Positive words really make you feel better in addition to talking to someone period. Take notes on all the things that bother you while you are depressed. If you can change anything, make small changes everyday. When you don’t feel like getting out of bed, go take a shower and call a loved one. Just push yourself to get over the initial brutal start of the day. It will get better after that shower. Maybe not much but it will be a little easier. Take a nice walk… Anywhere. Just walk and breathe in the fresh air and clear your head. If you have constant reoccurring bad thoughts all day long, everyday. Seek medical attention right away. This behavior is extremely dangerous to your health. No matter what you are going through just remember it will not last forever. I know self medicating on drugs and alcohol feels great but it will only make things worse. Find a hobbie. Even if it’s putting together puzzles, reading, coloring, working out, fishing… Something. Anything to occupy your mind and help distract you from your reality at the moment. Animals are very good therapy for me, adopt an animal…. Start e-mailing me. I will help you get through it.

Published by lostinmyhead07

I'm an Engineer who has a severe case of bipolar 1. I'm just trying to stay in control and win this battle with bi polar.

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